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The protein encoded by this gene is highly similar to the gene product of Schizosaccharomyces pombe rad21, a gene involved in the repair of DNA double-strand breaks, as well as in chromatid cohesion during mitosis. This protein is a nuclear phospho-protein, which becomes hyperphosphorylated in cell cycle M phase. The highly regulated association of this protein with mitotic chromatin specifically at the centromere region suggests its role in sister chromatid cohesion in mitotic cells. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

Full Name

RAD21 cohesin complex component

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Sub Familly

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External IDs

CDLS4; HR21; HRAD21; KIAA0078; MCD1; MGS; NXP1; SCC1; hHR21
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Datasets Table for RAD21

Target name Target modification Ecotype/Strain Biotype Biotype modification Source Species Experiment Peaks
RAD21 CHRF28811 ENA Homo sapiens ERP008568 11,974
RAD21 GM12878 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BMY 58,553
RAD21 GM12878 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000EAC 33,604
RAD21 Ishikawa ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BTU 57,324
RAD21 liver ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR230ZWH 122,642
RAD21 liver ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR635OSG 20,423
RAD21 liver ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR917QNE 87,798
RAD21 neural ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR198ZYJ 47,883
RAD21 WA09 GEO Homo sapiens GSE105028 46,244
RAD21 WA09 heat-shock GEO Homo sapiens GSE105028 41,795
RAD21 A-549 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BUC 55,370
RAD21 A-549 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000DYE 24,236
RAD21 Hep-G2 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BLS 93,090
RAD21 Hep-G2 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000EEG 55,049
RAD21 Hep-G2 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR054FKH 58,928
RAD21 Hep-G2 ENA Homo sapiens ERP000209 33,773
RAD21 IMR-90 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000EFJ 75,733
RAD21 K-562 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BKV 63,527
RAD21 K-562 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000FAD 21,897
RAD21 MCF-7 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BTQ 64,064
RAD21 MCF-7 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR703TNG 75,230
RAD21 MCF-7 ENA Homo sapiens ERP000209 62,678
RAD21 MCF-7 E2 ENA Homo sapiens ERP000209 52,644
RAD21 MCF-7 E2_SHCTCF ENA Homo sapiens ERP000209 47,468
RAD21 MCF-7 E2_SHCTR ENA Homo sapiens ERP000209 80,159
RAD21 SK-N-SH ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BLY 104,287
RAD21 SK-N-SH ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000EHX 63,000
RAD21 THP-1 eGFP-IFNb GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 76,885
RAD21 THP-1 NS1-IFNb GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 26,093
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-000m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 53,587
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-000m-Flavo-240m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 51,389
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-020m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 56,373
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-025m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 48,001
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-030m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 47,302
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-045m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 45,228
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-060m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 42,947
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-120m-Flavo-000m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 46,844
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-150m-Flavo-030m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 57,528
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-180m-Flavo-060m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 45,044
RAD21 THP-1 Pam3csk-360m-Flavo-240m GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 59,691
RAD21 THP-1 PMA_Dex-0h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 39,054
RAD21 THP-1 PMA_Dex-6h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 41,443
RAD21 THP-1 PMA_IFNb-0h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 44,030
RAD21 THP-1 PMA_IFNb-6h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 56,912
RAD21 THP-1 siCtrl-eGFP-Pam3csk-0h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 27,533
RAD21 THP-1 siCtrl-eGFP-Pam3csk-4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 27,663
RAD21 THP-1 siCtrl-NS1-Pam3csk-0h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 28,672
RAD21 THP-1 siCtrl-NS1-Pam3csk-4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 28,692
RAD21 THP-1 siCtrl-NS1-Pam3csk-7h-Flavo-3h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 21,385
RAD21 THP-1 siNIPBL-eGFP-Pam3csk-4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 21,870
RAD21 THP-1 siNIPBL-NS1-Pam3csk-4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 17,844
RAD21 THP-1 siNIPBL-NS1-Pam3csk-7h-Flavo-3h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 17,741
RAD21 THP-1 siWAPL-eGFP-Pam3csk-4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 28,782
RAD21 THP-1 siWAPL-NS1-Pam3csk-4h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 26,078
RAD21 THP-1 siWAPL-NS1-Pam3csk-7h-Flavo-3h GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 22,535
RAD21 WA01 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BLD 102,513
RAD21 WA01 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000ECE 81,646
RAD21 HCT-116 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000BSB 53,460
RAD21 HeLa-S3 ENCODE Homo sapiens ENCSR000EDE 82,323
RAD21 MDM GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 46,847
RAD21 MDM -dNS1 GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 48,906
RAD21 MDM H5N1 GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 42,577
RAD21 MDM IFNb GEO Homo sapiens GSE103477 43,370
RAD21 HCT-116 RAD21-mAC GEO Homo sapiens GSE104888 41,921
RAD21 HCT-116 RAD21-mAC_500uM_auxin GEO Homo sapiens GSE104888 6,434
RAD21 GP5D GEO Homo sapiens GSE51234 58,306
RAD21 GP5D SIRAD21 GEO Homo sapiens GSE51234 21,640
RAD21 LoVo PHASEM GEO Homo sapiens GSE51290 26,058
RAD21 LoVo PHASES GEO Homo sapiens GSE51290 19,724
RAD21 Hep-G2 GEO Homo sapiens GSE72082 115,450
RAD21 IMR-5 GEO Homo sapiens GSE78957 33,547
RAD21 MCF-7 GEO Homo sapiens GSE72082 73,843
RAD21 RH4 GEO Homo sapiens GSE83726 72,623
RAD21 SK-N-SH GEO Homo sapiens GSE76815 21,117
RAD21 THP-1 GEO Homo sapiens GSE55407 24,043
RAD21 HeLa-Tet-On GEO Homo sapiens GSE112028 45,014
RAD21 HUVEC-C hypoxia GEO Homo sapiens GSE94872 65,753
RAD21 HUVEC-C normoxia GEO Homo sapiens GSE94872 36,135
RAD21 HUES-64 GEO Homo sapiens GSE97394 92,587
RAD21 HUES-64 DNMT-KO GEO Homo sapiens GSE97394 130,087
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